Thursday, 8 October 2020

The Fashion Show in Dubai


A few years back, there was a new fashion show taking place at a trendy mall in the UK called Dubai Mall. The designer's team had been asked to dress up in abayas, head scarves, and other traditional Muslim garb for a fashion show that would showcase their new creations, called the Emirates Collection. Abdul Razak Jewellers had decided to be one of the designers to attend this fashion show because they have an interest in the Middle East culture, as well as being part of the fashion business.

They knew that a lot of their customers were coming from the Middle East and they knew that the fashion industry in the United States is all about making jewelry, not just accessories like bracelets, earrings, watches, and anklets. When they heard that they could be on a hot new show in Dubai where they would be showcased in a fashion show, they decided to make sure they were there. They were excited and nervous at the same time. What would people think of them when they showed up and what would their clients think?

They had a representative from Razer, a leading designer for jewelry, and they got on the plane with a big banner that read "Abdul Razak Jewelers - The UAE's Official Designer". The flight attendants were very friendly and gave them a warm welcome to Dubai. All of their luggage was packed and they sat on the plane waiting to see how it would go when the plane landed.

The show was pretty much a disaster. People kept asking them where they were from and they couldn't give any real answers for fear of upsetting someone who was paying for their tickets. Then, the pilot announced that he was going to land in Paris instead of Dubai and the people started to leave as soon as they got off the plane.

People in the stands started yelling at them as the plane landed. Some of them even grabbed hold of them and tried to get them off the plane. However, with the help of their representatives and some very nice customers who had paid to be there, they managed to get through the crowd and get on the ground without any major disturbances. They were also able to get a little more air travel time to do more advertising, so hopefully this will be a good start for them.

It is very rare that someone has the opportunity to travel to a region of the world where fashion is as important as jewelry is. and the Dubai Jewelers wanted to show the rest of the world that fashion design is no longer limited to jewelry but can come in any form.


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